Vendor Pricing

See what Propcart can do for your business


A simple and powerful way for buyers to search your inventory


per year

  • List up to 100 items on
  • Quote requests are emailed to you immediately
  • 5 boosted items
  • We help you with a one-time bulk import of your inventory data and photos
  • We respond to support requests within one business day

Business Class

When you want to list more than 100 items


per year

  • Everything from the Starter plan
  • List up to 10,000 items on
  • Add more items at $100 per 10,000 items per year
  • 25 boosted items
  • Boost more items at $100 per 100 items per year
  • Insights on your item views, favorites, set lists, quote requests, most frequent searches, and searches returning zero results

Propcart Pro

Your own online store designed for the entertainment industry


per year

  • Everything from the Business Class plan
  • A white-labeled build of the Propcart website with only your inventory
  • Your domain, logos, colors, and content
  • Homepage with slideshow, categories, and the essential info about your business
  • Forms page, About Us page, and Contact Us page
  • Your inventory automatically syncs with the Propcart marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about listing on Propcart

Why should I list on Propcart?

We're the first marketplace dedicated to serving art department buyers like set decorators and prop masters. Rather than a traditional eCommerce cart, Propcart buyers add items to set lists that are designed for the collaboration and approval process of big productions. Vendors targeting these buyers should list with us.

Does Propcart charge a commission?

No, we do not charge a commission or handle any money. Vendors list on Propcart by paying an annual subscription fee based on the number of listings. See the pricing plans above for details. We simply make it easy for buyers to search your inventory and email you quote requests.

Can you help me migrate my listings onto Propcart?

Definitely! We can process inventory lists from many different web platforms and marketplaces. If you have a spreadsheet of your inventory, send it over and we'll import it for you. If you don't have a spreadsheet, we'll help you create one. You can also add items individually through our Vendor Panel.

How do customers buy or rent my listings?

Once buyers have finalized their set lists, they convert them to quote requests that get emailed to you. You and the buyer then complete the transaction without Propcart involved. This gives you the chance to negotiate different pickup dates or pricing, check inventory availability, and upsell or cross-sell your customer.

Can I hide my pricing?

Yes, displaying pricing is optional. However, some Vendors are worried Propcart (or any marketplace) makes it too easy for buyers to compare prices, and this will force you to lower yours. The reality is buyers are always comparing prices and trying to shop fast. Requiring them to contact you for pricing adds friction to their shopping experience and will hurt sales.

Will Propcart complicate my sales pipeline?

Some vendors are concerned customers might get confused and think they've booked a sale or rental through Propcart. We make it crystal clear that the customer is submitting a quote request, and the vendor will confirm availability and finalize the order directly with the customer without Propcart involved.

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