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Are you a prop house? Cleared art gallery? Or product placement agency catering to the entertainment industry?

Propcart was built for you

We're the only marketplace designed to connect vendors like you with set decorators, prop masters, and production designers.

Everyday, people search our site to find the perfect props and set dressing. And chances are, you already have what they're looking for.

Only problem is, they can't find it because you aren't signed up with us yet.

List on the marketplace

Listing on Propcart makes it easy for decorators and prop masters to search your inventory and request quotes. And adding and managing your inventory is a snap.

Easily optimize your inventory's discoverability with engagment insights like how shoppers are discovering your items, which items are getting viewed, favorited, or added to set lists.

Sign up and list your first 100 items for $99 per year. Listing up to 10,000 items starts at $499 per year.

Thrill customers with a beautiful website

Propcart Pro is the first eCommerce website designed for prop houses and their customers.

Art department buyers love its powerful search, favoriting, shareable set lists and pickup lists, and quote requests.

The admin console allows easy editing of inventory photos and data. View usage insights into which keywords your customers are searching for and items they're engaging with.

And the best part? All your inventory updates automatically sync with the Propcart marketplace, so Propcart users will always see your latest data.

Prices start at $999 per year. Check out Propcart Pro for details.

Compete with the big online retailers

Buyers know how difficult it is to shop for props and set dressing. With hundreds of websites to visit and shops to walk, it’s often easier to jump on Amazon or eBay to buy what they’re looking for.

Propcart is designed to make it just as easy to rent props and set dressing from local rental houses as it is to buy from the big online retailers.

And this means more leads and revenue for your business.

Built for the entertainment industry

We believe in being close to our customers so we can respond quickly to their needs.

Propcart is based in Burbank, California in the heart of the entertainment industry. We’re just a few blocks away from Warner Brothers, Disney, and Nickelodeon, and within ten miles of every major prop house and studio in Los Angeles.

We've also formed an alliance with ArtCube Nation in New York City as we expand into that region.

Want to learn more?

Call us at (323) 507-4716 or contact us below. We’ll get back to you right away.