About Us

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What we do

Propcart streamlines the process of renting props and set dressing for the entertainment industry.

We connect local prop houses, cleared art galleries, and product placement agencies with set decorators and prop masters for TV, film, theater, and commercials.

What makes us special

Helping local businesses

Set decorators and prop masters spend millions of dollars per year on props and set dressing rentals, and just as much purchasing items they can’t find at local rental houses. Either these items don't exist, they do exist but aren’t listed online, or it's just easier to buy off websites like eBay or Amazon.

These local businesses are losing leads and revenue to the big online retailers because it’s too time consuming to visit each vendor’s website and search for the things we need. We want to fix this.

A one stop shop for buyers

We help buyers find props and set dressing from any vendor that lists with us. As more vendors list their inventory on Propcart, it becomes easier for buyers to find what they’re looking for. They’ll then spend more money renting from our vendors and less buying from the big online retailers.

An approval system designed for speed

Buyers need to get items approved by one or more decision makers, usually set decorators, prop masters, and production designers. Even directors and producers are sometimes asked to weigh in.

This process can be slow, inefficient, and error prone, especially with productions that have multiple buyers and sets, hundreds of items to manage, and a fast-paced production schedule.

We help buyers manage approvals by creating set lists with items they’ve found for a particular set. They can share these set lists with their team, who can discuss, approve, or deny each item. No more uploading photos to the cloud or combing through a haystack of emails and text messages. And with one click, set lists can be converted into quote requests for each prop house represented in the set list.

Our Team

Richard Scotten


As Founder of Propcart, Richard spends his time thinking about how to make it easier to rent props and set dressing.

Prior to Propcart, Richard was the CTO of ScaleLab - a social media consulting and influencer marketing agency - from 2014 to 2018, where he helped grow the company from 600 to 300k users.

He has degrees in math and physics from Ohio Wesleyan University, and did nuclear physics research at Argonne National Laboratory and the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory at MSU.