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Are you a prop house, cleared art gallery, or fabricator catering to the entertainment industry?

Propcart was built for you

We're the only marketplace designed to connect vendors like you with set decorators, prop masters, and production designers.

Everyday, people search our site to find the perfect props and set dressing. And chances are, you have what they're looking for.

Only problem is, they can't find it because you aren't signed up with us yet.

List on the Propcart Marketplace

Listing on Propcart makes it easy for set decorators and prop masters to discover your inventory and request quotes. We also provide them with tools to boost their productivity like shareable set lists and pickup lists.

We provide you with full access to our inventory control, sales, and billing software. Plus engagement reports like how shoppers are discovering your items, which items are getting viewed, favorited, or added to set lists. Use these insights to optimize your inventory's discoverability and curate your collection according to demand.

Sign up and list your first 50 items for free. Then list starting at $17 per month per 1,000 records.

Inventory Data Preparation

The title, description, tags, photos, and other data describing your inventory determines its visibility to search engines. Without good data, buyers can't find your products.

Adding this information to your inventory is time consuming, and you want to get your keywords right the first time so that your investment pays off. Unfortunately, most of the data we see is not optimized for search engines.

We offer several ways to process data using a combination of bots, artificial intelligence, and good old-fashion human editing. We then give you a spreadsheet with all of your inventory data that's search engine ready.

We've helped vendors prepare several hundred thousand items for import into Propcart and their own websites. Pricing varies depending needs.

Propcart Pro Websites & Rental Software

Want your own eCommerce website designed for prop houses and prop house customers? Then check out Propcart Pro. It shares the same technology and backend as the Propcart Marketplace.

All inventory you upload to your Propcart Pro website automatically updates on Propcart, eliminating the pain of synchronizing the data between the your company's website and Propcart.

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